Carri Chan

Fairness in overloaded parallel queues

Coauthor(s): Mor Armony, Nicholas Bambos. View Publication


Maximizing throughput for heterogeneous parallel server queues has received quite a bit of attention from the research community and the stability region for such systems is well understood.  However, many real-world systems have periods where they are temporarily overloaded.  Under such scenarios, the unstable queues often starve limited resources.  This work examines what happens during periods of temporary overload.  Specifically, we look at how to fairly distribute stress.  We explore the dynamics of the queue workloads under the MaxWeight scheduling policy during long periods of stress and discuss how to tune this policy in order to achieve a target fairness ratio across these workloads.

Source: Working paper
Exact Citation:
Chan, Carri, Mor Armony, and Nicholas Bambos. "Fairness in overloaded parallel queues." Working paper, Columbia Business School, February 20, 2011.
Date: 20 2 2011