David Juran

Using worker personality and demographic information to improve system performance prediction

Coauthor(s): Lee Schruben.

This paper presents an approach to modeling workers where human performance has a significant impact on system productivity. Highly technical industries such as semiconductor manufacturing and service industries like banking are relying on fewer but more skilled workers. In these systems, productivity depends on worker availability and organization; therefore, modeling system performance may require accurate representations of individual worker behavior. This paper examines the tradeoffs in including information about the demographics and personalities of workers in system performance simulation models. A series of actual and simulated experiments in which personality and demographic data are used in different ways to model the performance of a team of workers is reported. Significant differences are found in predicted system performance demonstrating that model validity depends on the methodology used for modeling workers. These results have practical implication for the managerial processes of recruiting and selecting individual workers, as well as organizing teams of workers and assigning them to tasks.

Source: Journal of Operations Management
Exact Citation:
Juran, David, and Lee Schruben. "Using worker personality and demographic information to improve system performance prediction." Journal of Operations Management 22, no. 4 (August 2004): 355-367.
Volume: 22
Number: 4
Pages: 355-367
Date: 8 2004