Daniel Bartels

Perspectives on the Ecology of Decision Modes: Reply to Comments

Coauthor(s): Will M. Bennis, Douglas L. Medin.


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We welcome and appreciate the insights and perspectives provided by Schwartz (2010, this issue), Tetlock and Mitchell (2010, this issue), and Bazerman and Greene (2010, this issue). Our thinking has benefited considerably from their responses, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue the discussion. In our reply, we address issues concerning the scope of moral rules and of cost-benefit analysis (CBA), including their relation to other decision modes. We then revisit the issue of closed-world assumptions (CWAs) and the question of how learning processes may operate for different decision modes.

Source: Perspectives on Psychological Science
Exact Citation:
Bartels, Daniel, Will M. Bennis, and Douglas L. Medin. "Perspectives on the Ecology of Decision Modes: Reply to Comments." Perspectives on Psychological Science 5 (2010): 213-215.
Volume: 5
Pages: 213-215
Date: 2010