Donald Lehmann

When Shelf-Based Scarcity Impacts Consumer Preferences

Coauthor(s): Jeffrey Parker.

Scarcity has long been known to impact consumers' choices. Yet, the impact of shelf-based scarcity in retail environments, created by stocking level depletion, has received almost no attention in the literature. Indeed, little research to date has even examined if consumers will attend to shelf-based scarcity in retail environments, much less how this cue can impact choice. A priori, given the inherently noisy and cue-filled nature of retail environments, it is quite reasonable to expect that shelf-based scarcity would play little to no role in consumers' choices. However, across six chapters, this dissertation demonstrates that shelf-based scarcity can impact consumers' choices and identifies the mechanism underlying these effects.

Source: Journal of Retailing
Exact Citation:
Parker, Jeffrey, and Donald Lehmann. "When Shelf-Based Scarcity Impacts Consumer Preferences." Journal of Retailing 87, no. 2 (June 2011): 142-155.
Volume: 87
Number: 2
Pages: 142-155
Date: 6 2011