Donald Lehmann

Effectiveness of Corporate Well-Being Programs

Coauthor(s): Punam Keller, Katherine Milligan.

Health is a major component of well-being and quality of life (QOL) and an increasingly costly one. We examine the role of employers for promoting QOL. A meta-analysis examines the impact of fifty well-being programs, which address six health issues and use seven marketing approaches. The analysis indicates that well-being programs and marketing approaches significantly improve employee health and depend on company size and employee gender. Results, based on sixty studies, show there is significant opportunity to efficiently tailor corporate health programs.

Source: Journal of Macromarketing
Exact Citation:
Keller, Punam, Donald Lehmann, and Katherine Milligan. "Effectiveness of Corporate Well-Being Programs." Journal of Macromarketing 29, no. 3 (September 2009): 279-302.
Volume: 29
Number: 3
Pages: 279-302
Date: 9 2009