Donald Lehmann

Assessing Brand Equity Through Add-on Sales

Coauthor(s): Shuba Srinivasan.

This paper focuses on add-on sales to determine both their value per se and their value as a reflexive measure of brand equity. Specifically, this paper examines the "accessory premium" for automobiles, i.e., accessories installed by dealers at the time of sale. Using J.D. Power Data, the authors find that higher add-on accessory sales accrue to higher equity brands which make accessory sales a potentially useful measure of brand equity (J. Marketing 67: 1?17, 2003). In addition, the authors examine how the revenue premium metric varies by age cohort. The results suggest this analysis can provide a useful predictor of future sales.

Source: Customer Needs and Solutions
Exact Citation:
Lehmann, Donald, and Shuba Srinivasan. "Assessing Brand Equity Through Add-on Sales." Customer Needs and Solutions 1, no. 1 (March 2014): 68-76.
Volume: 1
Number: 1
Pages: 68-76
Date: 3 2014