Donald Lehmann

Longitudinal Patterns of Group Decisions: An Exploratory Analysis

Coauthor(s): Kim Corfman, Joel Steckel.

This article presents an exploratory investigation into longitudinal patterns of influence in group decision-making. In particular, we focus on how the outcomes of past decisions affect group members' relative influence in future joint decisions. Results suggest that past outcomes play an important role in the resolution of disagreements when group member preferences are equally intense. Losers in prior decisions are likely to win in the future (and vice versa) due to what appears to be promotion of equity in the group.

Source: Multivariate Behavioral Research
Exact Citation:
Corfman, Kim, Joel Steckel, and Donald Lehmann. "Longitudinal Patterns of Group Decisions: An Exploratory Analysis." Multivariate Behavioral Research 25, no. 3 (July 1990): 249-73.
Volume: 25
Number: 3
Pages: 249-73
Date: 7 1990