Donald Lehmann

Modeling Choice Among Assortments

Coauthor(s): Barbara Kahn.

In this paper we propose a model for describing consumer decision making among assortments or menus of options from which a single option will be chosen at a later time. Central to the derivation of the model is an assumption that consumers are uncertain about their future preferences. The model captures both the utility of the items within the assortments as well as the flexibility the items offer as a group. We support our model empirically with two laboratory experiments. In the first experiment we test the underlying assumptions. In the second, we compare the predictive validity of our model to that provided by other models suggested in the literature.

Source: Journal of Retailing
Exact Citation:
Kahn, Barbara, and Donald Lehmann. "Modeling Choice Among Assortments." Journal of Retailing 67, no. 3 (Fall 1991): 274-99.
Volume: 67
Number: 3
Pages: 274-99
Date: Fall 1991