Donald Lehmann

The Important Role of Meta-analysis in International Research in Marketing

Coauthor(s): John Farley.


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This paper considers the current thrust in marketing to create global products, brands and strategies but also to "act local" when appropriate. Deciding which elements have similar effects and which are significantly different conceptually requires meta-analysis of each of the elements. Reviews some applications of marketing meta-analysis with a focus on international research. The potential international impact of meta-analysis in view of current trends in information technology and the globalization of marketing is promising, especially when the focus is on variables such as culture, geography, and economic condition rather than country per se.

Source: International Marketing Review
Exact Citation:
Farley, Johh, and Donald Lehmann. "The Important Role of Meta-analysis in International Research in Marketing." International Marketing Review 18, no. 1 (2001): 70-79.
Volume: 18
Number: 1
Pages: 70-79
Date: 2001