Enrique Arzac

Valuation for Mergers, Buyouts, and Restructuring


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Brief Contents: Part I. The Tools of Valuation 1. A User's Guide 2. Forecasting and Valuation of Free Cash Flows 3. The Equity Premium and the Cost of Capital 4. Metrics and Multiples 5. Economic Value Added 6. Valuation with Changing Capital Structure 7. Debt Capacity for Acquisition Financing 8. Valuing Entry and Exit Options Part II: Mergers, Acquisitions and Buyouts 9. Merger and Acquisitions 10. Deal making with Differences of Opinion 11. Special Offer Structures: Price Guarantees and Collars 12. Acquisitions in Developed and Emerging Markets 13. Leveraged Buyouts Part III: Recapitalizations and Restructuring 14. Recapitalization of Troubled Companies 15. Asset Restructuring Appendix A. Financial Options Appendix B. Valuation Aids Software Appendix C. Answers to Selected End-of-Chapter Problems Technical Notes References

Exact Citation:
Arzac, Enrique. Valuation for Mergers, Buyouts, and Restructuring. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2005.
Place: New York
Date: 2005
Descriptors: Financial Economics