Geert Bekaert

The Determinants of Stock and Bond Return Comovements

Coauthor(s): Lieven Baele, Koen Inghelbrecht.


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We study the economic sources of stock-bond return comovements and their time variation using a dynamic factor model. We identify the economic factors employing a semistructural regime-switching model for state variables such as interest rates, inflation, the output gap, and cash flow growth. We also view risk aversion, uncertainty about inflation and output, and liquidity proxies as additional potential factors. We find that macroeconomic fundamentals contribute little to explaining stock and bond return correlations but that other factors, especially liquidity proxies, play a more important role. The macro factors are still important in fitting bond return volatility, whereas the "variance premium" is critical in explaining stock return volatility. However, the factor model primarily fails in fitting covariances.

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Source: Review of Financial Studies
Exact Citation:
Baele, Lieven, Geert Bekaert, and Koen Inghelbrecht. "The Determinants of Stock and Bond Return Comovements." Review of Financial Studies 23, no. 6 (2010): 2374-2428.
Volume: 23
Number: 6
Pages: 2374-2428
Date: 2010