Garrett van Ryzin

On the choice-based linear programming model for network revenue management

Coauthor(s): Qian Liu.


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Gallego et al. [Gallego, G., G. Iyengar, R. Phillips, A. Dubey. 2004. Managing flexible products on a network. CORC Technical Report TR-2004-01, Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University, New York.] recently proposed a choice-based deterministic linear programming model (CDLP) for network revenue management (RM) that parallels the widely used deterministic linear programming (DLP) model. While they focused on analyzing "flexible products"—a situation in which the provider has the flexibility of using a collection of products (e.g., different flight times and/or itineraries) to serve the same market demand (e.g., an origin-destination connection)—their approach has broader implications for understanding choice-based RM on a network. In this paper, we explore the implications in detail. Specifically, we characterize optimal offer sets (sets of available network products) by extending to the network case a notion of "efficiency" developed by Talluri and van Ryzin [Talluri, K. T., G. J. van Ryzin. 2004. Revenue management under a general discrete choice model of consumer behavior. Management Sci. 50 15–33.] for the single-leg, choice-based RM problem. We show that, asymptotically, as demand and capacity are scaled up, only these efficient sets are used in an optimal policy. This analysis suggests that efficiency is a potentially useful approach for identifying "good" offer sets on networks, as it is in the case of single-leg problems. Second, we propose a practical decomposition heuristic for converting the static CDLP solution into a dynamic control policy. The heuristic is quite similar to the familiar displacement-adjusted virtual nesting (DAVN) approximation used in traditional network RM, and it significantly improves on the performance of the static LP solution. We illustrate the heuristic on several numerical examples.

Source: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
Exact Citation:
Liu, Qian, and Garrett van Ryzin. "On the choice-based linear programming model for network revenue management." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 10, no. 2 (Spring 2008): 288-310.
Volume: 10
Number: 2
Pages: 288-310
Date: Spring 2008