Garrett van Ryzin

“Revenue Management”

Coauthor(s): Kalyan Talluri.

Editors: Randolph W. Hall

Revenue management (RM), refers to the collection of strategies and tactics by which airlines (and other transportation providers) manage demand for their services. This chapter surveys the method used to perform this demand management function. While revenue management today is applied in a wide range of industries, our focus here is on airline and other transportation RM problems. The chapter is based on excerpted material from our book The Theory and Practice of Revenue Management.

Source: Handbook of Transportation Science, 2nd ed.
Exact Citation:
van Ryzin, Garrett, and Kalyan Talluri. "Revenue Management." In Handbook of Transportation Science, 2nd ed., 599-660. Ed. Randolph W. Hall. Norwell, MA: Kluwer, 2003.
Pages: 599-660
Place: Norwell, MA
Date: 2003