Gita Johar

Spontaneous Visualization and Concept Evaluation

Coauthor(s): Donald Lehmann, Jennifer Stuart, Anil Thozhur.

This paper proposes that customers often respond to brand extension concepts by visualizing the product. We call this process spontaneous visualization and suggest that it precedes concept evaluations. In two studies, we show that spontaneous visualization is enhanced by the fit between the parent brand and the extension category and by the ease with which the product category can be imagined. The appeal of the visualized image in turn determines whether visualization enhances or decreases concept evaluations. In addition, we find a stronger link between product evaluations and delayed choice when evaluations are based on visualization; evaluations based on visualization hence appear to be more ?valid? in the sense of predicting subsequent behavior. Implications of these findings and ideas for future research are discussed.

Source: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Exact Citation:
Lehmann, Donald, Jennifer Stuart, Gita Johar, and Anil Thozhur. "Spontaneous Visualization and Concept Evaluation." Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 35, no. 3 (September 2007): 309-16.
Volume: 35
Number: 3
Pages: 309-16
Date: 9 2007