Gita Johar

How to Save Your Brand in the Face of Crisis

Coauthor(s): Matthias Birk, Sabine Einwiller. View Publication

When bad things happen, companies need the right strategy for talking their way out of a mess and avoiding a calamitous pummeling of their corporate image. Choosing the best response can spell the difference between a brand's survival — even enhancement — and its irreversible tarnishing.

Source: MIT Sloan Management Review
Exact Citation:
Johar, Gita, Matthias Birk, and Sabine Einwiller. "How to Save Your Brand in the Face of Crisis." Sloan Management Review 51, no. 4 (Summer 2010): 57-64.
Volume: 51
Number: 4
Pages: 57-64
Date: Summer 2010