Hugh Patrick

The Political Economy of Japan: Cultural and Social Dynamics

Coauthor(s): Yasuake Murakami.

Cultural and Social Dynamics is the second volume of a series that analyzes Japan's phenomenal economic rise, its society, and its place in contemporary world affairs after World War II and particularly after 1970. In this volume, a wider range of social scientists analyze certain linkages between political economy, society, and culture of Japan. Whereas Volumes 1 and 2 aim to be definitive, Volume 3 is overtly exploratory. It aims to open new avenues of research for our understanding of Japan.

Exact Citation:
Patrick, Hugh, and Yasuake Murakami, eds. The Political Economy of Japan. Vol. 3, Cultural and Social Dynamics, ed. Shumpei Kumon and Henry Rosovsky. Stanford University Press, July 1992.
Edition: S. Kumon & H. Rosovsky
Place: Cultural and Social Dynamics
Date: 7 1992