Jacob Goldenberg

The Different Roles of Product Originality and Usefulness in Generating Word-of-Mouth

Coauthor(s): Sarit Moldovan, Amitava Chattopadhyay.


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This paper explores how the dimensions of new products, specifically, the originality and usefulness of the products, influence word-of-mouth (WOM). In four studies, using lab and field setups, we find that originality and usefulness have different effects on WOM. We show that consumers spread more WOM about original products, but the valence of what they say depends on the usefulness of the product. Therefore, originality enhances the effect of usefulness such that consumers spread relatively more and more positively valenced WOM about original and useful products compared to less original but equally useful products. Conversely, consumers spread more and more negatively valenced WOM about original products that are not useful compared to less original products with the same level of low usefulness. The results indicate that product originality should be managed carefully when developing and positioning new products. Although originality increases buzz, it might lead to negatively valenced WOM when the usefulness of the product is perceived to be low.

The PDF above is a preprint version of the article. The final version may be found at < http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijresmar.2010.11.003 >.

Source: International Journal of Research in Marketing
Exact Citation:
Moldovan, Sarit, Jacob Goldenberg, and Amitava Chattopadhyay. "The Different Roles of Product Originality and Usefulness in Generating Word-of-Mouth." International Journal of Research in Marketing 28, no. 2 (June 2011): 109-119.
Volume: 28
Number: 2
Pages: 109-119
Date: 6 2011