Kathryn Harrigan

The Effect of Exit Barriers Upon Strategic Flexibility

The conceptual construct, exit barriers, is expanded using both statistical findings and the results of field studies. The immobility of resources, it is suggested, can be overcome by helping marginal competitors to exit from potentially volatile businesses. The implementation of such tactics can be adapted to the firm's own strategic commitment and to the nature of the business in question, although it is expected that firms which might consider purchasing the physical and intangible assets of competitors in order to help them to scale high exit barriers, must themselves perceive the business to be of sufficiently high strategic importance to do so.

Source: Strategic Management Journal
Exact Citation:
Harrigan, Kathryn. "The Effect of Exit Barriers Upon Strategic Flexibility." Strategic Management Journal 1, no. 2 (April 1980): 165-176.
Volume: 1
Number: 2
Pages: 165-176
Date: 4 1980