Kathryn Harrigan

Knowledge Workers The Last Bastion of Competitive Advantage

Coauthor(s): Gaurav Dalmia.


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Knowledge workers are key employees who create intangible value-added assets. They are most common in high-technology innovation centers like Silicon Valley. Organizations can maximize the contribution of their knowledge workers by initiating formal and informal organizational changes to enhance strategic information sharing. Managing knowledge workers also requires management to make philosophical changes. Knowledge workers often possess the critical information needed for effective global marketing and logistics. The process by which they solve problems and make decisions that contribute to their companies' success is critical in developing logistical excellence. The process must encompass the sharing of their ideas and experiences throughout the diverse parts of an international firm. International firms can integrate knowledge workers into their global strategy by aligning their needs with corporate needs. To persuade knowledge workers to see their jobs differently, managers must create incentives, taking into consideration the unique motivations of these employees, their decision-making processes, and career paths.

Source: Planning Review
Exact Citation:
Harrigan, Kathryn, and Gaurav Dalmia. "Knowledge Workers The Last Bastion of Competitive Advantage." Planning Review 19, no. 6 (November 1991): 4-9, 48.
Volume: 19
Number: 6
Pages: 4-9, 48
Date: 11 1991