Lynne Sagalyn

“Public-Private Partnerships and Urban Governance: Coordinates and Policy Issues”

Editors: Eugenie L. Birch and Susan M. Wachter


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In this chapter, I describe the coordinates of the global application of public-private partnerships (PPP) and identify central commonalities of sector collaboration for both infrastructure development and urban redevelopment/regeneration projects. The comparison across these two types of "hard" asset-based initiatives will, I hope, highlight the central issues of implementation and underscore the need for policymakers to address the nature of risk sharing, which I believe is central to the PPP strategy at the project level. It should also provide an understanding of how weak management of accountability concerns is likely to intensify the political risks of the PPP strategy.

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Source: Global Urbanization
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Sagalyn, Lynne. "Public-Private Partnerships and Urban Governance: Coordinates and Policy Issues." In Global Urbanization. Ed. Eugenie L. Birch and Susan M. Wachter. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, February 2011.
Place: Philadelphia
Date: 2 2011