Leonard Lee

The Temperature Premium: Warm Temperatures Increase Product Valuation

Coauthor(s): Yonat Zwebner, Jacob Goldenberg.

A series of five field and laboratory studies reveal a temperature-premium effect: warm temperatures increase individuals' valuation of products. We demonstrate the effect across a variety of products using different approaches to measure or manipulate physical warmth and different assessments of product valuation. The studies suggest that exposure to physical warmth activates the concept of emotional warmth, eliciting positive reactions and increasing product valuation. Further supporting the causal role of emotional warmth, and following prior research relating greater positive feelings to reduced distance, we find that warm temperatures also reduce individuals' perceived distance from the target products.

Source: Journal of Consumer Psychology
Exact Citation:
Zwebner, Yonat, Leonard Lee, and Jacob Goldenberg. "The Temperature Premium: Warm Temperatures Increase Product Valuation." Journal of Consumer Psychology 24, no. 2 (2014): 251-259.
Volume: 24
Number: 2
Pages: 251-259
Date: 2014