Asim Ansari

Choice and the Internet: From Clickstream to Research Stream

Coauthor(s): Randolph Bucklin, James Lattin, Sunil Gupta, Eloise Coupey, John Little, Carl Mela, Alan Montgomery, Joel Steckel, David Bell.

The authors discuss research progress and future opportunities for modeling consumer choice on the Internet using clickstream data (the electronic records of Internet usage recorded by company web servers and syndicated data services). The authors compare the nature of Internet choice (as captured by clickstream data) with supermarket choice (as captured by UPC scanner panel data), highlighting the differences relevant to choice modelers. Though the application of choice models to clickstream data is relatively new, the authors review existing early work and provide a two-by-two categorization of the applications studied to date (delineating search versus purchase on the one hand and within-site versus across-site choices on the other). The paper offers directions for further research in these areas and discusses additional opportunities afforded by clickstream information, including personalization, data mining, automation, and customer valuation. Notwithstanding the numerous challenges associated with clickstream data research, the authors conclude that the detailed nature of the information tracked about Internet usage and e-commerce transactions presents an enormous opportunity for empirical modelers to enhance the understanding and prediction of choice behavior.

Source: Marketing Letters
Exact Citation:
Bucklin, Randolph, James Lattin, Asim Ansari, Sunil Gupta, David Bell, Eloise Coupey, John Little, Carl Mela, Alan Montgomery, and Joel Steckel. "Choice and the Internet: From Clickstream to Research Stream." Marketing Letters 13, no. 3 (August 2002): 245-58.
Volume: 13
Number: 3
Pages: 245-58
Date: 8 2002