Michael Adler

“Exchange-Rate Planning for the International Trading Firm”

Editors: Yakov Amihud and Richard Levich


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This chapter deals with the interactions between the strategic and the exchange rate hedging decisions of an international trading firm. We count as strategic the firm's pricing policies or, obversely, its output decisions. (The choice among production locations is also strategic but is not considered here.) We argue that a firm must take its possible future strategic decisions into account when designing its hedging policy.

Source: Exchange Rates and Corporate Performance
Exact Citation:
Adler, Michael. "Exchange-Rate Planning for the International Trading Firm." In Exchange Rates and Corporate Performance, 165-80. Eds. Yakov Amihud and Richard Levich. Burr Ridge, Ill.: Irwin, 1994.
Pages: 165-80
Place: Burr Ridge, Ill.
Date: 1994