Medini Singh

Centralized bakery reduces distribution costs using simulation

Coauthor(s): Sampath Rajagopalan, Thomas Morton, Ephraim Martin, IV.


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To improve the efficiency of product distribution for a centralized bakery, I first performed each person's tasks and discovered that constructing optimal minimum-distance routes would not significantly reduce costs but replacing the physical validation of new routes with a manual mathematical computation or simulation would. The trick was getting management to trust the simulation enough to use it.

Source: Interfaces
Exact Citation:
Rajagopalan, Sampath, Medini Singh, Thomas Morton, and Ephraim Martin, IV. "Centralized bakery reduces distribution costs using simulation." Interfaces 28, no. 4 (April 1998): 38-46.
Volume: 28
Number: 4
Pages: 38-46
Date: 4 1998