Noel Capon

Strategic Forecasting and Marketing Strategy

Coauthor(s): P. Palij. View Publication

In this study we investigate several hypotheses relating strategic forecasting to market segment selection and firm performance. In the context of a strategic marketing simulation, subjects in 14 competitive industries made strategic forecasts for market segment size and benchmark prices. Our results show that firms differentially select those segments with attractive characteristics; that some strategic forecasts for these targeted segments are more accurate than for non-targeted segments; that strategic forecasts are more accurate the higher the level of competition; and that superior forecasting performance is positively associated with superior firm performance. Implications and limitations of the study are discussed.

Source: International Journal of Forecasting
Exact Citation:
Capon, Noel, and P. Palij. "Strategic Forecasting and Marketing Strategy." International Journal of Forecasting 10 (1994): 339-52.
Volume: 10
Pages: 339-52
Date: 1994