Noel Capon

Marketing and Technology: A Strategic Coalignment

Coauthor(s): Rashi Glazer.


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A model for the systematic evaluation and management of a company's technological resources is proposed as a first step to developing an integrated corporate marketing-technology strategy. The proposed framework raises 4 issues: 1. technology identification, 2. technology additions, 3. technological commercialization, and 4. treatment of individual technologies as interdependent elements making up an integrated, coherent plan. The technological decision nexus involves decisions related to the firm's development and commercialization of its technology. Firms should plan for both internal development and acquisition of technology and, for achieving returns, should consider independent commercialization and sale. A model of the technology portfolio is introduced that extends the product portfolio by giving the firm a tool for assessing the particular mix of technologies in its asset base and analyzing how they complement one another in overall corporate strategy.

Source: Journal of Marketing
Exact Citation:
Capon, Noel, and Rashi Glazer. "Marketing and Technology: A Strategic Coalignment." Journal of Marketing 51 (July 1987): 1-14.
Volume: 51
Pages: 1-14
Date: 7 1987