Noel Capon

Mechanism of the Pyrolysis of 3-Bromopentane

Coauthor(s): Allan Maccoll, R. Ross.

The gas-phase dehydrobromination of 3-bromopentane has been shown to be a homogeneous first-order reaction, unaffected by the presence of cyclohexene. The rate constants follow the Arrhenius equation k1= 1013 · 51 exp(-45,440/RT). These observations are consistent with a molecular mechanism but not with the chain mechanism for bromide pryolysis proposed by Wojciechowski and Laidler.

Source: Transactions of the Faraday Society
Exact Citation:
Capon, Noel, Allan Maccoll, and R. Ross. "Mechanism of the Pyrolysis of 3-Bromopentane." Transactions of the Faraday Society 63 (1967): 1152-54.
Volume: 63
Pages: 1152-54
Date: 1967