Neng Wang

Investment Under Uncertainty and Time-Inconsistent Preferences

Coauthor(s): Steven Grenadier.


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While standard real options models assume that agents possess a constant rate of time preference, there is substantial evidence that agents are impatient about choices in the short term but are patient when choosing between long-term alternatives. We extend the real options framework to model the investment-timing decisions of entrepreneurs with time-inconsistent preferences. The impact on investment-timing depends on such factors as whether entrepreneurs are sophisticated or naive in their expectations regarding their future time-inconsistent behavior, and whether the payoff from investment occurs all at once or over time. The model is extended to the case of a competitive equilibrium.

Source: Journal of Financial Economics
Exact Citation:
Wang, Neng, and Steven Grenadier. "Investment Under Uncertainty and Time-Inconsistent Preferences." Journal of Financial Economics 84 (2007): 2-39.
Volume: 84
Pages: 2-39
Date: 2007