Olivier Toubia

“New Product Development”

Editors: Hossein Bidgoli


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We review a selected set of tools and frameworks for customer-centric new product development. We structure our review around the typical steps of the new product development process: opportunity identification, idea generation, design, testing, and launch. The list of topics addressed in this chapter is by no means exhaustive. We focus on topics which tend to be more recent and to present opportunities for further development and research.

Source: The Handbook of Technology Management, vol. 1
Exact Citation:
Toubia, Olivier. "New Product Development." In The Handbook of Technology Management, vol. 1, 953-963. Ed. Hossein Bidgoli. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, January 2010.
Pages: 953-963
Place: Hoboken, NJ
Date: 1 2010