Peter Kolesar

The feasibility of one-officer patrol in New York City

Coauthor(s): Linda Green. View Publication

How many patrol cars staffed with a single police officer are needed to provide equivalent police service to an existing system with n two-officer patrol cars? This question is explored for New York City using a multiple patrol car per call priority queueing model. It is shown that a one-officer patrol program is feasible, yet pitfalls exist which could adversely affect its performance. The paper details the process of data analysis and model building and emphasizes the subjective elements that remain in a highly technical OR study. Speed of response to emergency calls from the public was the key performance characteristic considered. The analysis also raised issues related to the safety of police officers in one-officer cars.

Source: Management Science
Exact Citation:
Green, Linda, and Peter Kolesar. "The feasibility of one-officer patrol in New York City." Management Science 30, no. 8 (August 1984): 964-981.
Volume: 30
Number: 8
Pages: 964-981
Date: 8 1984