Peter Kolesar

Improving emergency responsiveness with management science

Coauthor(s): Linda Green. View Publication

While the goal of OR/MS is to aid decision makers, implementation of published models occurs less frequently than one might hope. However, one area that has been significantly impacted by management science is emergency response systems. Dozens of papers on emergency service management appeared in the OR/MS literature in the 1970s alone, many of which were published in Management Science. Three of these papers won major prizes. More importantly, many of these papers led to the implementation of substantially new policies and practices, particularly in policing and firefighting. Much of this work originated in New York City, though many other cities subsequently adopted the resulting models and strategies. In this paper, we look at the context, content, and nature of the research and the factors that led to these early implementation successes. We then track the extent to which these original models are still affecting decision making in emergency response systems. We also examine the pace of development of new OR/MS models and applications in the area. Finally, we look at issues in emergency responsiveness that have emerged recently as a result of the national focus on terrorism and discuss the potential for future OR/MS modeling and application.

Source: Management Science
Exact Citation:
Green, Linda, and Peter Kolesar. "Improving emergency responsiveness with management science." Management Science 50, no. 8 (August 2004): 1001-1014.
Volume: 50
Number: 8
Pages: 1001-1014
Date: 8 2004