Rita McGrath

Discovery-Driven Planning

Coauthor(s): Ian MacMillan.

Discovery-driven planning is a practical tool that acknowledges the difference between planning for a new venture and for a more conventional business. Rather than trying to force start-ups into the planning methodologies for existing, well-understood businesses, the authors offer managers a tool that highlights potentially dangerous implicit assumptions. Using Kao Corporation's entry into floppy disks, the authors present a step-by-step approach to help companies think differently about planning. When a significant strategic undertaking is fraught with uncertainty, discovery-driven planning is an especially powerful tool. It forces managers to articulate what they don't know and provides a discipline to help them address the make-or-break unknowns common to new ventures.

Source: Harvard Business Review
Exact Citation:
McGrath, Rita, and Ian MacMillan. "Discovery-Driven Planning." Harvard Business Review 73, no. 4 (1995): 44-52.
Volume: 73
Number: 4
Pages: 44-52
Date: 1995