Rita McGrath

Nine New Roles for Technology Managers

Coauthor(s): Ian MacMillan.


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Success in technology development depends increasingly on speed to profitable commercialization. This calls for a new type of technology development management. As projects move from opportunity creation through market entry through commercial takeoff the technology manager needs to perform nine integrative roles at three distinct levels: the venture level, where the business-building is taking place; the championing level, where resources are secured in the internal competition for staff and funds; and the heat-shielding level, where the issues of project legitimacy are resolved. The nine roles range from creating options to keeping venture teams focused.

Source: Research Technology Management
Exact Citation:
MacMillan, Ian, and Rita McGrath. "Nine New Roles for Technology Managers." Research Technology Management 47, no. 3 (2004): 16-26.
Volume: 47
Number: 3
Pages: 16-26
Date: 2004
Descriptors: Business Administration and Business