Ran Kivetz

Repenting Hyperopia: An Analysis of Self-Control Regrets

Coauthor(s): Anat Keinan.

This article proposes that supposedly farsighted (hyperopic) choices of virtue over vice evoke increasing regret over time. We demonstrate that greater temporal separation between a choice and its assessment enhances the regret (or anticipated regret) of virtuous decisions (e.g., choosing work over pleasure). We argue that this finding reflects the differential impact of time on the affective determinants of self-control regrets. In particular, we show that greater temporal perspective attenuates emotions of indulgence guilt but accentuates wistful feelings of missing out on the pleasures of life. We examine alternative explanations, including action versus inaction regrets and levels of construal.

Source: Journal of Consumer Research
Exact Citation:
Kivetz, Ran, and Anat Keinan. "Repenting Hyperopia: An Analysis of Self-Control Regrets." Journal of Consumer Research 33, no. 2 (September 2006): 273-282.
Volume: 33
Number: 2
Pages: 273-282
Date: 9 2006