Stephan Meier

Do people behave in experiments as in the field?—evidence from donations

Coauthor(s): Matthias Benz.


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Laboratory experiments are an important methodology in economics, especially in the field of behavioral economics. However, it is still debated to what extent results from laboratory experiments are informative about behavior in field settings. One highly important question about the external validity of experiments is whether the same individuals act in experiments as they would in the field. This paper presents evidence on how individuals behave in donation experiments and how the same individuals behave in a naturally occurring decision situation on charitable giving. While we find evidence that pro-social behavior is more accentuated in the lab, the data show that pro-social behavior in experiments is correlated with behavior in the field.

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Source: Experimental Economics
Exact Citation:
Benz, Matthias, and Stephan Meier. "Do people behave in experiments as in the field?—evidence from donations." Experimental Economics 11 (February 15, 2008): 268-281.
Volume: 11
Pages: 268-281
Date: 15 2 2008