Stephan Meier

Pro-social behavior in a natural setting

Coauthor(s): Bruno Frey.

Empirical evidence is provided for the importance of pro-social behavior of individuals in an anonymous, n-person public good setting. A unique panel data set of 136,000 observations is matched with an extensive survey. Even under anonymous conditions, a large number of individuals are prepared to donate quite a significant sum of money. Cooperation conditional on giving by specific other persons is present, but the causal relationship is ambiguous. The manner in which one is asked to donate is crucial. Identification with the organization, and with specific groups, is also important.

Source: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
Exact Citation:
Frey, Bruno, and Stephan Meier. "Pro-social behavior in a natural setting." Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 54 (2004): 65-88.
Volume: 54
Pages: 65-88
Date: 2004