Michel Tuan Pham

Informational Properties of Anxiety and Sadness, and Displaced Coping

Coauthor(s): Rajagopal Raghunathan, Kim Corfman.


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Raghunathan and Pham (1999) observed that, although of the same valence, states of anxiety and sadness have distinct effects on decision making. Results from two new experiments confirm that anxiety triggers a preference for options that are more rewarding and comforting. Our results also indicate that these effects are driven by an affect-as-information process, and are most pervasive when the source of anxiety or sadness is not salient. Finally, our results document a previously unrecognized phenomenon we term displaced coping, wherein affective states whose sources is salient influence decisions that are seemingly—but not directly—related to the source of these affective states.

Source: Journal of Consumer Research
Exact Citation:
Raghunathan, Rajagopal, Michel Tuan Pham, and Kim Corfman. "Informational Properties of Anxiety and Sadness, and Displaced Coping." Journal of Consumer Research 32 (March 2006): 596-601.
Volume: 32
Pages: 596-601
Date: 3 2006
Descriptors: Business Administration and Business