Trevor Harris

Enterprise Valuation Roundtable

Ernst & Young hosted this 2007 roundtable with the goal of providing a better understanding of the challenges and best practices of using valuation analysis to support executive decisions. Panelists included Richard Ruback of the Harvard Business School, Trevor Harris of Morgan Stanley, Aileen Stockburger of Johnson & Johnson, Dino Mauricio of General Electric, Christian Roch of BNP Paribas, Ken Meyers of Siemens Corporation, and Charles Kantor of Lehman Brothers. Jeff Green of Ernst & Young moderated.

Source: Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
Exact Citation:
Harris, Trevor. "Enterprise Valuation Roundtable." Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 19 (Spring 2007): 8-37.
Volume: 19
Pages: 8-37
Date: Spring 2007