Trevor Harris

An Investigation of Revaluations of Tangible Long-Lived Assets

Coauthor(s): Peter Easton, Peter Eddey.

This paper documents the revaluation practice over a ten-year period from 1981 of a large sample of Australian firms and examines the association between these revaluations and stock market prices and returns. The analysis uses several different approaches in order to obtain a thorough understanding of the reevaluation process in Australia. We include a description of hand-collected data from published financial statements, follow-up interviews with chief financial officers of the sample firms, and association tests between hand-collected accounting data and stock market measures.

Source: Journal of Accounting Research
Exact Citation:
Easton, Peter, Peter Eddey, and Trevor Harris. "An Investigation of Revaluations of Tangible Long-Lived Assets." Journal of Accounting Research 31, Supplement (1993): 1-38.
Volume: 31
Number: Supplement
Pages: 1-38
Date: 1993